Medications for the treatment of prostatitis

In the early stages of prostatitis, the man is accompanied by constant discomfort. When symptoms occur, your doctor will usually prescribe medications to treat prostatitis that are aimed at reducing pain.

At the same time, many patients are wondering what are the most effective prostatitis medications at this time.

Doctor and medications for prostatitis

The specialist usually chooses an individual course of treatment for each patient.

Drug groups

Complex therapy is the most rational and effective way to achieve complete elimination of inflammation in the prostate gland. This phenomenon causes numerous disorders in the male body, starting with urinary problems and ending with weakening of erectile function.

When observing the symptoms of prostatitis, the specialist is first obliged to find out the underlying causes of the disease. Based on the diagnosis, in the future the choice will be made in the treatment of prostatitis in men in favor of this or that drug. Complex medical therapy includes several groups of medications simultaneously, each of which is aimed at solving specific problems:


Antibacterial drugs are indicated if the pathogenic microflora has become the cause of the development of prostatitis. Depending on the type of pathogen that can be detected by bacteriological culture, the urologist will prescribe the most effective drugs for prostatitis. In case of severe pain, antibiotics may be used for intravenous administration. The duration of the course of taking antibacterial drugs is usually 4-6 weeks.


Very often, during prostatitis, a man suffers from severe pain and cramps in the perineum, as well as in the lower abdomen. Prostate treatment painkillers or, simply put, painkillers can alleviate a patient's condition.

The dose and method of administration should be determined by the attending physician.

Alpha blockers

These medications have been shown to cause urinary problems - one of the most common symptoms of prostatitis. Medications help to relax the muscles of the prostate and bladder. The course of treatment for taking alpha-blockers is about 6 months.


Men especially need hormonal drugs during the period of illness. They primarily inhibit the production of the hormone testosterone, which causes rapid growth of prostate tissue. Regular intake of these drugs for the treatment of prostatitis normalizes the general hormonal background of men and reduces the symptoms of the disease.


Taking a vitamin-mineral complex during prostatitis is simply mandatory. Vitamins boost immunity, which suffers not only from the progression of prostatitis, but also the use of strong antibiotics.

The best remedy for prostatitis

It is difficult to determine which of the modern prostatitis medications is most effective. Its choice largely depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as the form of the disease.