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If you need to buy a remedy that will relieve prostatitis, then Prostaline is ideal. You can buy Prostaline capsules on our official website. The price of the medicine in the Philippines is 1990 ₱. All customers enjoy a 50% discount, so natural prostatitis treatment will be not only effective but also financially beneficial.

Healthy prostate and prostatitis

Prostaline is an innovative drug for the natural treatment of prostatitis. The uniqueness and effectiveness of its use has been proven in many studies.

Prostaline is made by the manufacturer in a white and blue cardboard box. Inside is a plastic bottle with capsules, instructions for use on paper. All white, opaque tablets, 30 mg each.
Country of origin - Philippines.

Capsule composition Prostaline

3 main components are used for the production of capsules:

To increase the effect of the drug, it contains the following organic components:

It should be noted that food supplement components do not interact with antibiotics or antivirals.

Impact on the prostate

Prostaline capsules act on the prostate

There are many reasons to buy the drug, because its range of action is wide:

  1. Treat prostatitis naturally
  2. Soothes pain syndrome
  3. Inhibits the action of harmful microbes in the microflora
  4. Removes excess fluid
  5. Relieves pain.
  6. Normalizes urine
  7. Improves sex life
  8. Reduces the risk of developing cancer
  9. Treats prostatitis quickly and effectively

Elimination of the main symptoms leads to other pleasant side effects of the drug. Prostate treatment normalizes human sleep, as the constant feeling of incomplete emptying disappears. At the same time, human well-being improves, potential increases.

Capsule price Prostaline

The cost of Prostaline is relatively low when comparing the prices of similar products of competitors. You can buy 20 capsules for {45 €. .

Advantages of capsules

The use of capsules for the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system is characterized by many important advantages:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. A small number of contraindications to the drug.
  3. Quick effect.
  4. Absence of pronounced side effects.
  5. High absorption rate of the drug.

The effectiveness of using Prostaline has been proven in practice. In 2021, clinical trials of the drug were conducted at the Lerakhi Sanatorium to determine the peculiarities of its action. The subjects were men aged 38 to 74 years who had an established disease - chronic prostatitis.

Patients were divided into 2 groups. Category 1 patients were referred to conventional medicine, while category 2 patients were referred to Prostaline. As a result, the following summary data is displayed:

Chronic symptom of prostate Cured patients with pharmacy drug Cured patients Prostaline
Normal reduction in prostate size Nine% 89%
Without aggravation 35% 98%
Urine normalization 57% 97%
Relieve pain and burning sensation 56% 100%
Decreased desires 28% 98%

This proves that the use of the drug has a sharper effect than similar drugs in medicine.

Prostaline is a clinically proven effective control of the prostate. In the Philippines you can order capsules at a bargain price on our official website.

Doctor's review

Doctor Urologist Christian Christian
20 years
I have been using Prostaline for several years to treat patients with various forms of prostate. It is impossible to buy them in the Philippines, but you can always order them on the official website. The drug never came out. After half a month of treatment, many saw positive changes. I am glad that the capsules have virtually no side effects and limitations. This allows the appointment of many patients who have prostatitis.